Saturday, January 09, 2010

Cow Blood Rice Noodle

I am seriously addicted to this little bowl of dish. It's not as popular as "Tom Yum" so don't expect you can find it easily in any Thai restaurants.
Normally it comes as a small bowl so you need to take at least 3 bowls to fulfill your desire. The dish itself is already very tasty so extra seasonings are not required, the refreshing aroma from the Thai Basil & not-so-healthy but absolutely delicious pork fat definitely enhance your 5 taste sensations. The soup itself is made of cow bones, turnips and lots of herbs, a big spoon of fresh cow blood will be added into the soup before served & it makes a big taste difference, The taste is complicated so I really don't know how to describe it. You can choose different types of rice noodles and beef toppings, I personally prefer San-Mee ( typical rice noodle) with liver (so soft & crunchy!) & the flank (inner part of the thigh, very lean, tender and a bit crispy). see map


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